About Us
A connection between friends and strangers is beautiful thing. Even in tough times, it is our goal to help compose connections around a great cup of coffee, and provide education and discovery about that coffee.

We are on a mission to help coffee aficionado's around the world find, learn about, and enjoy the best coffee available. To build a community of coffee lover's that care as much about inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity as we do.

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Meet Our Team
Our database is made up of an extensive collection of hand-curated specialty coffee shops and roasters from around the world.

We are coffee first, above all things. We respect for the process. We look for specialists.

We look for shops that take pride in the way they serve coffee.

We look for interesting architecture, interior design, ambiance and try to highlight that. We find incredible joy from discovering hidden gems all around the world. But again, if a place serves amazing coffee, that's what we are about.

We are just getting started, and are always refining our process.

Have a shop or roaster that you'd like to be added? Let us know.