King State
King State is all about family. We’re a coffee roaster, beer brewer, and whatever else we want to be. Both of our founders (Tim McTague and Nate Young) toured in bands for most of their lives. In 2013 after those bands broke up, the idea to start a coffee roaster began to brew over many nights in a back yard, drinking beers and smoking cigars. The big idea was to give something back to thier hometown of Tampa, FL, after it poured so much into them for so long. Though the focus of King State will always be Florida Forever, our coffee is enjoyed all over the world. In 2018 we’ll open our first brick and mortar cafe in Tampa Heights, where we’ll also start offering our first in-house beers. We love what we do. Oh, and our founders are brothers-in-law. See. Told you it was about family. 🤙🏼
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