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Sharing great coffee is our favorite thing to do, and we’ve gotten pretty good at finding great coffee. Our method is simple: Taste a ton of coffee. Pick our favorite ones. High five the growers and producers because their efforts are shining through every cup, and their hard work is incredible. Do our best to preserve the taste (and the feeling) that we got from that first taste, and share it with you. Oh and then high five you because you’re awesome for trusting us to bring it to you with all of the flavour, integrity, and intent that it began with. We like coffee. We especially like interesting coffee. We like complexity, cleanliness, acidity, and the kind of sweetness that leaves you in the candy aisle trying to nail tasting notes. We like small lots from small farms. We like coffees that are an expression of where they came from, and an expression of their grower’s hard work. We value people. We believe that all humans, and their awesome eccentricities are the reason things like specialty coffee exist in the first place. Without any of the awesome people in this crazy world of coffee, it just simply would not be as fun and as exciting as it is. So we applaud all of you for being who you are, and doing what you do. This, is our method. Have fun. Brew Coffee.
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