TAKE A MOMENT. SAVOR IT. RECOGNIZE HOW IMPRESSIVE LIFE CAN BE. Coffee permeates our culture, but so rarely to step back and enjoy it for all it can be. At Tweed, we love coffee moments. We encourage you to take a step back from the quotidian. Reflect on the moment. Enjoy that time alone with your cup or in the company of a good friend or beautiful place. WHY TWEED? Tweed is a highly durable, warm, quality fabric that has been around for centuries. But as a fabric it is unfinished. It must be made into a jacket or purse. We take great pride, care and attention to carefully source and roast our coffee to the highest of standards. Our farmers spend years cultivating quality coffee cherries, picking and processing them meticulously. Then they pass this green coffee onto us so that we can roast excellent coffee. All this effort so that we can stand behind it as we pass on this refined material for you to finish your own creation. WHY FOXES? Besides being fun little creatures, foxes spend large amounts of time alone. However when they come together, they play. They frolic. They enjoy. Our foxes are caught in a moment of play. We hope you play with your coffee, play with your friends, and generally remember to play in life. WE ENTRUST OUR COFFEES TO YOU, SO YOU CAN WEAVE YOUR OWN COFFEE MOMENTS.
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