Timbertrain Coffee Roasters
British Columbia
Timbertrain is the realization of the founders’ shared childhood dream of bringing people together brought to life through coffee culture; it exists through sharing experiences and stories as friends, living together in community. Timbertrain confidently claims a strong passion in coffee. With the desire to turn this fervent passion into communal reality, Timbertrain opened up the first location in Gastown in Vancouver. Timbertrain is committed to researching, finding and sourcing from quality farms around the world. Once the beans have been carefully selected, they are roasted in-house, here in Vancouver, BC. Timbertrain is dedicated in crafting precision into the flavour of every sip of coffee. It is Timbertrain's mandate to closely monitor the rigorous process that its coffee takes - from sourcing to roasting and experimenting with different recipes for the best concoction of flavours.
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